About Soph's Loafs

I started Soph's Loaf's after feeling like there was a real gap in the market for freshly made lunch options that champion natural, vibrant and good-for-you ingredients, all whilst being gentle on the planet. 

We all work very hard every day, and I think we all deserve something a little more exciting than the same old soggy sandwich. 

That's why I wake up super early to make sure that the ingredients I use are fresh, satisfying, filling and nutritious. So you can get back to work and kick off your afternoon happy, and fully fuelled!


Customer Service:


We believe having a loyal customer base who trust and rely on you, is the key to running a succesful business. Here at Soph's Loafs we will always put the customer first and will aim to provide an excellent and sustainable service. 


At Soph's Loafs we are striving towards becoming a more sustainable business and continue to look at ways in which we can become greener. We currently use sustainable packaging on all our shop made produce.




All produce is lovingly created with the upmost care and attention. Our popular Grazeboards showcase our creative flare and have been described as "show stopping." We guarantee excellent quality in presentation as well as amazing flavours, fillings and freshness.


We believe every person deserves to enjoy a Soph's Loafs. Whether you're Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten intolerant, have allergies or any other dietary requirements we will be able to accommodate you. We believe food should be inclusive and aim to continue developing our menu to cater for everyone. 

 What customers say... 

Renata, Milton Park, Abingdon

“Tasty food, on time and well presented!”